carrier for the best and easy blood testing

We are a medical product company, driving Dried Blood Spot Cards adoption, for the best blood test future.


For Whom

Anyone who wants to do the most accurate and easy blood analysis.


Solving the problems around the big promise of dried blood spot cards, to improve quality of life:

  1. Dried blood spot cards solve problems with blood collection, like patients discomfort, infection risk, high transport costs, and the high amount of test-animal fatalities.
  2. On top of that, Qyntest solves the roadblocks of result-variations in existing cellulose cards, 
    due to inhomogeneous blood flow and hematocrit variations due to population diversity


With our Qyntest card and implementation services, we combine accurate quantitative blood analysis in the central laboratories and the ease of point of care self care with just a drop of blood on our dried blood spot card


Qyntest is a dried blood spot card from 8 woven polymer layers with hydrophilic coating. Which creates a kind of capillary flow between the layers, and therefore a homogeneous blood flow and predictable blood volume. Can be sent in an envelope in regular mail.